Hi, I'm Ben.  I've loved working with dreads ever since I got mine back in 2009.  Over the years I've picked up how to make them and keep them looking awesome.  Give me a shout if you have any questions or want to book an appointment.




  • Tightening roots and sewing in loose hairs
  • Separating dreadlocks that have grown together
  • Palm rolling
  • tip blunting
  • Typically takes 2+ hours

Price: $25 / hour

Creation (Limited Availability)

  • Using a combination of backcombing, twisting and crochet
  • Hair MUST be more than 3 inches long (preferably longer)
  • I do not use wax or any other products
  • Typically takes 6+ hours depending on length and thickness of hair

Price: $30 / hour